security film

Vehicle Application

Security fim applied to your vehicle windows eliminates 'smash and grab' situations and the risk of being spayed with glass in the event of a vehicle accident. 

With car crime ever increasing and glass being the weakest entry point on the vehicle, security film is the answer, strengthening and holding the glass together.

Building Application

Security films hold glass fragments together in the event of breakage will also help to strengthen glass, lessening the risk of breakage following malicious or accidental impact.

Glazing which does not meet Regulation 14 guidelines must be upgraded. The solution is to either remove and re-glaze (expensive and disruptive) or have high-quality and cost effective security film applied with little disruption to staff and routines within a building.

Security film protect occupants and property from severe threats, such as storm damage, terrorist explosions, mob-riots and break-ins. 175 micron film meets MoD bomb-blast requirements.

All our Security Film products are tested to BS6206 & EN12600 standards.